08-25-09 Meeting Notes

The meeting at the Prescott Public Library last Tuesday was exciting! Mark Bensch gave a presentation on MythTV, and Shane Lofgren did a show and tell with his new ASUS netbook (Shane couldn't wait to load the Netbook version of Linux on it, leaving Windows XP in a small partition) followed by a presentation on some nifty network tools, mainly nmap and lanmap - right from his netbook.

And we all got a little experience discovering the right display settings on our laptops to get a proper display on the overhead projector.

Keep your calendar open for our next library meeting on September 22, same place. Bring your toys, share your joys and your ploys.

The Library meetings are open forum. Ask any questions of anyone or bring a presentation of your own. No Linux related topic is off limits. Do you have a favorite application you want to talk about, especially your experience in getting it to work "your" way? Bring it on! Which distribution of Linux do you like best? Care to talk about why?

John Carter